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2W twin screw pump 2W twin screw pump W twin screw pump W twin screw pump
  • 2W twin screw pump
  • 2W twin screw pump
  • W twin screw pump
  • W twin screw pump
2W twin screw pump
2W twin screw pump
2W/ W Twin Screw Pump
The twin screw pump can transport lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil, cooling oil, cooling oil, wax, tar, light oil, liquefied petroleum gas, crude oil, heavy oil, asphalt.
Flow Rate: 1-2000m3/h
Head Lift: <4.0Mpa
Temperature range: -15℃-280℃
Product Description

Through the mutual engagement of the main and driven screws in the pump body, and the cooperation of the screw and the hole of the pump body, the twin screw pump forms a sealed cavity in the pump body. When the screw rotates, these sealed cavities continuously move forward. Push the liquid in the sealed cavity to the outlet to discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid.
Generally used in:
1.Oil and gas
The twin screw pump is an ideal pump for conveying crude oil, natural gas, water and solid mixtures.
They can be used on land and at sea. The pump can run dry, and the conveyed medium can contain gas. The compact design and special thread profile can ensure long-distance pipeline transportation.
Multiphase crude oil transportation, thermal power plants, crude oil storage.

The twin-screw pump can be used on tankers for loading and conveying, and for lubricating the main engine.
Transport tar, asphalt, light and heavy fuel oil, crude oil, and chemicals.

3.Petrochemical and oil refineries
The pump can transport low-viscosity liquids, including neutral, alkaline, acidic or gaseous or abrasive media.
Heavy oil, asphalt, tar, heavy fuel, naphtha and chemical products.

4.Chemical industry:
Regardless of low viscosity or high viscosity, it can transport all kinds of liquids with corrosive and solid particles.
Polymers, coatings, slurries, slurries, liquid sulfur and chemicals.

1. The twin-screw pump conveys liquid smoothly, without pulsation, without stirring, low vibration and low noise.
2. The twin-screw pump has strong self-priming performance. When multi-phase mixed transportation, the gas content is not higher than 80%, and the sand content is not higher than 500g/m3.
3. The external bearing structure of the twin-screw pump adopts independent lubrication and can transport various non-lubricating media.
4. The twin-screw pump is driven by synchronous gears, and there is no contact between the two rotors, even if it is idling for a short time.
5. The pump body of the twin-screw pump is equipped with a heating jacket, which can transport all kinds of clean or low-viscosity or high-viscosity media containing small solid particles (generally, the particle diameter is less than 0.12-0.2mm)
6. The correct selection of materials for twin-screw pumps can even transport many corrosive media.
7. The twin-screw pump has a double-suction structure, and there is no axial force on the rotor.
8. The shaft end of the twin-screw pump adopts mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of long life, less leakage and wide application range.

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