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What is the difference between a stainless steel gear pump with or without a safety valve?
2021-04-27 14:34:09
The stainless steel gear pumps that we use daily are mainly divided into two types: with safety valve and without safety valve. Many customers do not know whether to choose with or without safety valve. Hebei Shenghui Pump Industry will give you a detailed explanation of the functions and benefits of stainless steel gear pumps with and without safety valves!

First of all, we must first understand what is the function of the safety valve of the stainless steel gear pump? The safety valve, as the name suggests, is a device to protect the safety of the pump. The main function of the safety valve is to accidentally open or block the outlet pipeline of the arc gear pump. The safety valve will automatically open, and the stainless steel gear pump will pump after it is opened. The conveying from the outlet directly returns to the inlet, automatically circulating. Thereby the protection device or the benefit of protecting the motor from overload.


Before leaving the factory, each stainless steel gear pump produced by us must be tested according to the customer's requirements and technical standards. The test is mainly divided into three stages: air tightness test, pressureless operation test and pressurized operation:
1. The air pressure and air tightness test is to prevent leakage of the seal or the casting is defective or the casting density is not enough, there are pores, trachoma, and the stainless steel gear pump leaks;
2. The pressure-free operation experiment is to allow the pump to pass the delivered experimental grease in a short period of time for better running-in, and to prevent the pump from getting stuck or locked due to the small gap or the impurities entering the pump during the assembly process;
3. The third stage pressurized operation is the most important stage. The so-called pressurized operation experiment refers to the normal operation of the stainless steel gear pump by adjusting the outlet pipeline valve and the pump's own safety valve, so that the working pressure of the pump is gradually increased. High, when the working pressure required by the customer is reached, the adjustment will be stopped, and the pressurized operation experiment will be performed under the current set pressure state. The factory set pressure value of our safety valve is generally 1.2 times the set pressure required by the customer.


Secondly, there is also a stainless steel gear pump that does not have a safety valve. Under what circumstances should you choose a stainless steel gear pump without a safety valve? When stainless steel gear pumps require high pressure to deliver low viscosity media, it is recommended to choose stainless steel gear pumps without safety valves, because stainless steel gear pumps deliver low viscosity media at high pressures, in order to better ensure the stability of high pressures, in order to reduce high pressure Low-viscosity media will leak in the pump cavity, causing the pressure of the stainless steel gear pump to drop or not to be unstable. Therefore, directly assemble the pump without safety, and use the pump cover without safety valve or blind plate to directly lead the pump body to safety. The inlet and outlet of the valve are sealed, completely avoiding the hidden danger of internal leakage of the safety valve under high pressure.