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CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump selection
2021-04-29 17:03:29
The CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump uses the impeller to pump out the liquid under the action of centrifugal force. The self-priming centrifugal pump of Hebei Shenghui Pump Co., Ltd. uses single-row radial ball bearings and injects calcium-based butter to ensure lubrication. There is a cooling chamber at the bottom of the bearing body of the pump, and there are sealing rings in the high and low pressure areas of the pump. When the pump wears out to a certain extent after long-term operation, the self-priming performance of the pump should be replaced.

Several details need to be paid attention to when selecting:
1. The flow rate of the CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump should be less than the normal water production of a well or other water source, and due consideration should be given to the dry season.

2. The head of the centrifugal pump should be based on the actual required head, and the pipeline loss of the pump should be considered. If it is a centrifugal pump for conveying, the selected head must match the actual head on site, and if it is used for recycling, you can choose a slightly larger one.

3. When choosing a centrifugal pump, consider its installation height, that is, the vertical distance from the suction surface to the axis of the pump, which should be less than the height specified by the pump. CYZ self-priming centrifugal pumps generally allow a vertical height of no more than 5 meters. The pump must be primed the first time it is used. If necessary, a bottom valve can be installed. When the pump is stopped, there is no need to fill the pump again.

4. Material selection. Conventional materials are cast iron or carbon steel. Stainless steel can be selected according to actual needs.

CYZ self-priming centrifugal pump has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, large displacement, high efficiency, easy adjustment, strong self-priming ability, and wide application scale. Used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aviation kerosene and other petroleum products. The medium temperature is -20℃~+80℃. It is an excellent marine oil loading and unloading pump, which can also be used as a stripping water pump. It is also used in oil transportation for oil storage installations such as marine oil depots and tank trucks.