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chemical centrifugal pump
What are the abnormal noises and vibrations of chemical centrifugal pumps?
There are mainly the following two factors that cause abnormal noise and abnormal vibration of the centrifugal pump.
​​​​​​​In terms of medium:
1. It is possible that the centrifugal pump sucks debris into its internal structure, causing blockage or damage to the impeller. At this time, shut down immediately and take quick cleaning at the same time;
2. The flow rate of the centrifugal pump has relatively large fluctuations, which leads to pressure changes, and then produces abnormal noise and abnormal vibration.
3. The suction stroke is too large, causing serious cavitation at the entrance of the impeller, that is, the water flowing on the impeller produces certain bubbles in the low-pressure zone, and these bubbles are destroyed in the high-pressure zone, which will produce Certain impacts, such impacts are more serious, and vibrations will find abnormalities. If this happens, the installation height of the centrifugal pump should be lowered.
DATE:Apr 15th, 2021
NYP high viscosity transfer pump
Advantages of NYP high viscosity transfer pump
NYP high-viscosity delivery pump is a positive displacement pump designed for high-viscosity materials. Because the product can choose different materials and has a unique structure, it is widely used in the delivery of media with different properties and different viscosities.
DATE:Apr 14th, 2021
fuel oil transfer pump
Matters needing attention when selecting fuel oil transfer pump
The materials conveyed by the fuel oil transfer pump are flammable and explosive, so special attention should be paid to the selection and structure of the fuel transfer pump. Today, Shenghui Pumps teaches you how to select the fuel transfer pump.
DATE:Apr 13th, 2021
gear pump factory
Gear pump failure analysis and solutions
The frequent failures of gear pumps are mainly due to small flow, no oil absorption, insufficient pressure, high noise, oil leakage, overheating, abnormal operation of the oil pump or seizure, etc. The causes and solutions for the failure are introduced as follows.
DATE:Apr 12th, 2021
Sewage screw pump
Sewage screw pump selection steps and parameters
For sewage screw pumps, single screw pumps are mostly used. Because of the complex composition of sewage and variable acid and alkali, special attention should be paid to the selection when using screw pumps.
DATE:Apr 9th, 2021
to be agent
Join us to be agent
We're committed to delivering reliable product solutions and mutually beneficial programs that create stronger partnerships with agent and distributors, enabling us to succeed together.
DATE:Aug 5th, 2020
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