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Vietnam Customer Orders - A Batch of Gear Pump
2021-07-30 18:03:43
NYP series internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displacement pump that's designed according to the different fields' requirements of petroleum, chemical industry, paint, grease, pharmacy, foodstuff, and so on. It's widely applyed to pumping a variety of mediums with different property and viscosity because of special structure and selected different pump's materials.

LCB heat preservation gear pump is suitable for conveying non-corrosive, solid particles, and coagulable medium at room temperature. It is especially suitable for occasions where the medium needs to be insulated during outdoor installation and process in high and cold regions. The medium temperature can reach 300 ° C, viscosity. It is 5~1500cst.

YCB series circular gear pump applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles and fibres at temperature below 300℃ and with the viscosity of 5-1500cSt.


ZYB series residual oil pump adopts self-sealing lubrication, the gap automatically adjusts the structure, and the parts are made of high wear-resistant materials. It has the characteristics of compact structure, good self-priming, high efficiency and strong adaptability. When the liquid is contaminated, the working life of the pump is more than 10 times longer than that of the general gear pump.