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South Africa Customer Orders - 3RP lobe pump head
2021-08-20 17:16:23
3RP Lobe Pump With Variable Frequency Motor  is a multi-purpose two-way positive displacement pump manufactured by our company with advanced technology from Germany. The professional manufacturing technology and manufacturing precision of the products are close to similar products in Germany.
The pump is made of two synchronous rotors/lobes. Rotors are driven by a pair of synchronous gears in the gearbox. Two rotors are rotated in the opposite direction driven by the main and auxiliary shafts, which causes the volume of the pump to change, thus forming a higher vacuum and discharge pressure . This kind of pump is  especially suitable for delivering hygienic fluid and corrosive high viscosity fluid.

Application Standard: Sanitary Grade for Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical / Corrosion Resistant Grade for Chemical Purpose
Structure Difference: High Pressure/High Viscosity, High Pressure/Low Viscosity.
The core components and sealing devices of the pump are designed according to different characteristics of different fluid, using different materials and sealing types, which improves the professional conveying performance of the product.