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Stainless Steel Multistage Pump cdlf vertical multistage pump cdl multistage pump cdlf multistage pump
  • Stainless Steel Multistage Pump
  • cdlf vertical multistage pump
  • cdl multistage pump
  • cdlf multistage pump
Stainless Steel Multistage Pump
Stainless Steel Multistage Pump
CDL/CDLF Vertical Stainless Steel Multistage Pump
It is a non-self-priming centrifugal pump with optimized mechanical seal structure and a novel set of independent exchange structure. It can transport a variety of different media from tap water to industrial liquids. It is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges, and is also suitable for Slightly corrosive liquid.
Product Description

Its biggest advantage is advanced hydraulic model design, high efficiency and high energy saving. The internal impeller, pump casing and main accessories of the water pump are made of stainless steel stamping and forming. The flow channel is particularly smooth. The bearing bush and sleeve are made of cemented carbide, which has a super long service life and avoids secondary pollution.

The shaft seal adopts wear-resistant mechanical seal, no leakage. The motor adopts Y2 lead shell, imported bearings, and insulation class F. The pump runs smoothly, has low noise, reliable quality, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight and convenient transportation. It is an ideal green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving water pump.

Generally used in:
1.Water supply:
water plant filtration and transportation, water plant district water delivery, main pipe pressurization, high-rise building pressurization.

2.Industrial pressurization:
process water system, cleaning system, high-pressure flushing system, fire-fighting system.

3.Industrial liquid transportation:
cooling and air conditioning systems, boiler feed water and condensing systems, machine tools, acid and alkaline media transportation.

4.Water treatment:
ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis systems, distillation systems, separators and water treatment systems for swimming pools.

farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation.
Working condition:
Thin, clean, non-flammable and explosive liquid without solid particles or fibers.
Liquid temperature: normal temperature type -15℃ to +70℃, hot water type +70℃ to +120℃
Ambient temperature: maximum +40℃
Altitude: up to 1000m.
1. Thin, clean, non-flammable and explosive media containing no solid particles or fibers.
2. Such as mineral water, softened water, pure water, clean oil and other light chemical media.
3. The main material of the pump is stainless steel, which can be used to pump slightly corrosive media.

1. CDL/CDLF type light vertical multi-stage pump adopts an excellent hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing technology, which greatly improves the performance and service life of the pump.
2. CDL/CDLF type light vertical multistage pump adopts mechanical seals made of cemented carbide and fluorine rubber for the shaft seal, which can improve the reliability of pump operation and the temperature of the conveying medium.
3. The overflow part of CDL/CDLF light vertical multistage pump is made of stainless steel plate stamping and welding, making the pump suitable for mildly corrosive media.
4. CDL/CDLF type light vertical multistage pump has compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, significant energy saving effect, and convenient maintenance.
5. The water inlet and outlet of the CDL/CDLF centrifugal pump are located on the same horizontal line of the pump seat, which can be directly used in the pipeline.
6. CDL/CDLF type light vertical multistage pump adopts standard motor, and users can easily equip the motor according to their needs.
7. Intelligent protectors can be equipped according to user needs to effectively protect the pump from dry running, lack of phase, and overload.
Parameter Data: 
Flow rate: 2-16m³/h
Head: 15-168m
Efficiency: 72%-92.5%
Pump weight: 20-165kg
Motor power: 0.37-15kw
Cavitation allowance: 1.8-4.6m
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