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WQ sewage pump
WQ sewage pump
Sewage Pump
Sewage pumps are widely used in various fields. Sewage pumps can transport liquids containing hard solids and fibrous materials, as well as particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquids. Sewage pumps are widely used in mining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, Environmental protection, oil refining, petroleum, chemical industry, farms, dyeing and chemical, brewing, food, fertilizers, coking plants, construction, marble factories, mud, quicksand, mud ponds, sewage ponds, filthy liquid transport and absorption of thick liquid, charging and suspended substances Sewage treatment.
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Product Description

There are many models of sewage pumps, which are used in various occasions.
Scope of application:
① Discharge of wastewater from enterprises.

② Discharge system of urban sewage treatment plant.

③ Drainage station of subway, basement and civil air defense system.

④ Sewage discharge from hospitals, hotels, and high-rise buildings.

⑤ Sewage drainage station in residential area.

⑥ Discharge of thin mud in municipal engineering and construction sites.

⑦ Water supply device of waterworks.

⑧ Sewage discharge from breeding farms and irrigation of rural farmland.

⑨ Prospecting mines and supporting water treatment equipment.

⑩ Instead of carrying people on one's shoulders, sucking river mud.

Next, let's distinguish between submersible and ordinary sewage pumps. The submersible pump motor and pump are integrated directly into the sewage tank, while the ordinary sewage pump is installed on the ground.

(1) WQ type submersible sewage pumps
They are all in potential sewage, WQ means non-clogging sewage pump. The design of the impeller of WQ is different from that of QW. It is not easy to be clogged. The common material of carbon steel is generally not resistant to acid and alkali in some sewage, and it is easy to corrode. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. Click to learn more!

(2) JYWQ automatic mixing sewage pump
JYWQ automatic mixing sewage pump has the function of automatic mixing and cutting. It can be used in the case of sewage with more impurities, such as toilet paper, stool, and even sanitary napkins flushed into the toilet by women. This ensures that the medium density is uniform and not easy to be blocked.
(3) WL vertical sewage pump
WL vertical sewage pump is the vertical installation method of WQ submersible non-clogging sewage pump. YW is a submersible sewage pump with the characteristics of a submersible pump.
(4) ZW self-priming sewage pump
ZW self-priming sewage pump is a self-priming sewage pump. When the pump is designed, the air is discharged through idling to absorb air-containing medium until the medium fills the pump body to complete self-priming.Click to learn more!
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